Abstract/Whimsical Art by Dot Procter

I  enjoy going into my imagination and travelling (with my art) somewhere I have never gone before.  I love being totally surprised by what I paint.  Sometimes I begin with words and drips and add collage, but then I let the paint take me somewhere I have never seen.  In these paintings I can recognize elements of nature (creatures, flowers, landscapes), but they are dreamlike and fanciful.  Each of these paintings surprised me!  Also, I am endlessly interested in painting faces, faces that are totally built from my imagination.  I have stacks of these faces, as few of which i have included below.

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Saturday, April 24

1:00 to 5:00 pm
6210 Wiscasset Road
Bethesda, MD

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All Images © 2021 by Dot Procter

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