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It's time for the Spring Art Walk

May 21 & 22, 12-4pm

In the Mohican Hills Neighborhood

(Start at Stop#1, 6210 Wiscasset Rd, 20816)


Another extraordinary year so far.  Omicron and Ukraine made me appreciate the extraordinary power and beauty of nature.  On January 1st, we went down to the river.  It was an unusually warm day in the 60"s and I was taken with the colorful and shiny boats, layed to rest for the season against the muted colors of winter. Then after several gorgeous snows, the magical first blooms of the Helebores, then the delicate wild Crocus, then the Blue Bells, followed by the frilly display of tulips.  New paintings have been added  in LANDSCAPES . LOCKDOWN includes my collages and paintings from 2020 and 2021. ABSTRACTS are older collages and paintings pre-2020 Learn more ABOUT ME, including a short movie.  And, of course, CONTACT ME with your questions, comments, purchase inquiries or to sign up on my mailing list. I hope you enjoy the running INSTAGRAM feed below!