What a year this has been!  I am shy to admit that I have deeply loved so much uninterupted time making art. My studio has become a dear friend. No classes, no visitors, just me and my materials. I have added a new category to the menu: Lockdown. This includes two abstract series, one from the first two months of Lockdown and one from the last five months.  This art helped me sort through the myriad of feelings that swirled inside me, helping me find sanity, humor and meaning in all the uncertainty.  From May through September I found my solice, once again, in nature, both at home and then on two trips up to Vermont.  My paintings basically fall into two categories: Landscapes: (observable life) and Whimsical/Abstract  (from my imagination).  I have an intermitant Blog to illuminate my process.   Learn more About me, including a short movie.  And, of course, Contact Me with your questions, comments, purchase inquiries or to sign up on my mailing list. I hope you enjoy!