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Small Art by Dot Procter

am an energetic painter.  I love getting messy.  I am rough with my paints and  brushes.  I drip and spill.  I am not tuned to fine, delicate work.  I am naturally suited to painting on large canvases.  However, during the last 8 months I have found comfort and solice in making small paintings and collages.  I call them my "Small Steps". They helped me move through my life "one step at a time".  They are not all titled, so I have numbered them for identifying purposes.  They are mounted and hanging-ready.


I have added some small paintings done in Italy.  Most of theses were done in acrylic paint, but it was there that I learned about and dabbled in gouache.  since returning home I have been enjoying using gouache around the DC area.  I now love the portability and the brilliance of this new-to-me medium.  There are also an assortment of landscape collages.  Collage is what I call my 'comfort medium', that I come back to again and again when I am not sure what to do.  I love ripping sorting and gluing paper.  I find it mindless and surprising!

All Images © 2021 by Dot Procter

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