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Small Art by Dot Procter

am an energetic painter.  I love getting messy.  I am rough with my paints and  brushes.  I drip and spill.  I am not tuned to fine, delicate work.  I am naturally suited to painting on large canvases.  However, during the last 8 months I have found comfort and solice in making small paintings and collages.  I call them my "Small Steps". They helped me move through my life "one step at a time".  They are not all titled, so I have numbered them for identifying purposes.  They are mounted and hanging-ready.  


The square COLLAGES are intuitive and though they often have references to nature, they are imaginary surprises.  They are done on 6x6 masonite tiles, which are mounted on 12x12 cradled boards with wires.  They are $50 each.  


The small PAINTINGS are roughly 6x10. They are done from photos of places I love, both close to home and from my travels these last months.  They are mounted on 9x12 canvases, with wires, ready for hanging.  

They are $100 each.

All Images © 2021 by Dot Procter

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