Lockdown Paintings by Dot Procter

On March 11, 2020 I closed my front door and my whole world changed. I was alone with my husband for the next 12 months.  My home studio became my refuge, my sanity, my teacher, and my delight.  All my fears, sadness, anger and uncertainty were channeled onto my canvas day after day.  None of these paintings were pre-planned. They each surprised me.  I was delighted, I laughed, I was repulsed, and I was humbled.  Art making has been an adventure into new depths of myself.  I have been hesitant to share them. These paintings feel raw and personal.  For the first two months my theme was the Virus, the Lockdown, the fear, masks!  The return of the warm weather and an ease in the Pandemic led me back outside to paint  Landscapes. But in October my internal chaos returned: the Election turmoil, social unrest, a spike in COVID cases, the upcoming Holidays, the slow approach of Winter and now the looming Opening Up.  I am happy to share them with you.