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Abstract and Whimsical Paintings by Dot Procter

During the 3 long years of COVID Lockdown, I was in my studio gratefully making art. Many of the collages and paintings in this area were done during this time, helping me sort through all my many feelings during this strange, freightening and marvelous time.  I loved that each day was new and the world seemed hovered together, as one.  I loved that we all sheltered in place, and gathered with our 'pods'.  I loved seeing all the children walking with their parents in the middle of the day, during their school/work break.  I loved that there were so few cars.  I loved that we grocery shopped every 3 weeks.  and I loved that I had endless time to work in my studio.  These are the paintings that are left from that time.  They are dear to me!

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