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Abstract and Whimsical Paintings by Dot Procter

I have always loved to draw and paint my feelings.  I started many years ago with a visual diary after my parents both passed away within a few months of each other.  It helped me sort through the grief that I had as a result of their early departure.  I have been using art ever since to process my feelings. Unlike landscape painting where I am painting something that I have actually seen, I never really know where these abstract paintings are taking me.  I often have to turn them all around and see what angle speaks to me.  Or sit with them for a while before I make the next move. It is never a straight line from beginning to end.  I can be both horrified and delighted.  Looking through these is an internal journey.  (I have included my paintings from a trip to Barcelona, where I took in the fanciful brilliant art/architecture of Antonia Gaudi. It was more than a visual experience!)

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