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Allowing Transparency

I have always enjoyed writing in my journal. Sometimes when I am not sure where to start with a blank canvas I ask myself, “What do you really want to do next? Collage, draw, doodle, journal, pray?” Usually one of those things invites me in and I simply begin.

Stage 1: I started by painting a journal/prayer, turning the canvas in all four directions. The words became more and more obscure as they became layered, forming an intriguing pattern.

Stage 2: Then I dripped paint from all four edges, forming a rough, colorful grid.

Stage 3: As I looked at the canvas and turned it in various directions, I was reminded of a photo I had taken recently while walking on the upper path by the C&O Canal near my home, and seeing the bright patterns of light sparkling off the water and bouncing off the trees and leaves, with the sky beyond. I added elements from the photo to the painting.

Stage 4: At this stage I knew I needed to balance the natural beauty of the scene with the patterned background, exaggerating the light and colors in some of the patterns.

Final Painting:


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This last year my paintings have often taken me down winding roads, leading me into totally new creative places.  Many friends and colleauges who have seen my new work have said, “What are you doing here?  What am I looking at?”  At first I tried to verbally explain what went into these paintings: the various layers of words, grids, collage, and paint...But that seemed to create more questions, “How did you do that?  Why did you do that?”  I decided to walk readers through a step by step process of several paintings.  Though I have been avoiding Facebook, I regularly post on Instagram @dotprocter. 

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