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Ripping, Arranging and Gluing My Way to Sanity from Oct 2020 - March 2021

First Stage (Arranging):I have stacks of torn paper, sorted by colors, and tints within those colors. For each 8-10 stacks of different tints within each of the primary (red, yellow, blue), the secondary (orange, green, purple) and the neutrals (gray, brown, white). I randomly choose 5 or 6 stack of colors that appeal to me. I have no preconceived idea of how to arrange the papers. I go one piece of paper at a time, I usually grouping each color together, making 6 or 7 shapes. it usually looks something like the photo on the left: NOTHING! And each time I get to this stage I think the end result will be garbage. But in spite of the doubts, I keep going.

Second Stage (Gluing): As you can see from the final glued version, it changes quite a bit from the original rough groups of papers. It is more pleasing to my eye at this stage, but it still puzzles me. It could be SOMETHING, but I have no idea what it is. I usually sit with it in my studio for several days. The blue hanging shape looked foreboding. Then, I decided to turn it vertically...

There it was...ship, in a harbor? Really? How did that appear out of no where. Now for next stage.

Third Stage (Painting): So at this stage I start paiting into it, maybe smoothing out some areas, sharpening others. on some of the collages I paint very little into it. Others I have to really work at it. Actually I try not to think too much about it and I just move one little step at a time. I do not take photos during this stage because I am usually too involved and I simply forget, until it is actually finished.

Final Stage (Finished):

"Finding a Safe Harbor"

I made 30 collages between October 2020 and March 2021. Collage has always been, what I call, "My Comfort Art". I have always loved sorting colored papers, from the time I was little (my mother said). It is still shear pleasure for me. I like everything about it. I find great comfort in the process. It isn't fast or precise or even beautiful. It simply soothes me and heals me. These collages gave me a safe way to process, what I consider, too many feelings. It was as if I was taken on a six month journey that was surprising, delightful, sad, joyous and interesting.



This last year my paintings have often taken me down winding roads, leading me into totally new creative places.  Many friends and colleauges who have seen my new work have said, “What are you doing here?  What am I looking at?”  At first I tried to verbally explain what went into these paintings: the various layers of words, grids, collage, and paint...But that seemed to create more questions, “How did you do that?  Why did you do that?”  I decided to walk readers through a step by step process of several paintings.  Though I have been avoiding Facebook, I regularly post on Instagram @dotprocter. 

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