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Each painting has its own journey

Here are some photos taken at various stages of this painting. I wasn’t sure where it was going. Some paintings are straight-forward. This one I had to chase!

Visuals attract your reader's attention. Use an image and a caption to help get your message across.

Stage 1:

I started by painting random shapes on a large canvas. I chose one of those shapes and filled it in with circles of all sizes. I painted one word in a different color in each circle. I then painted around the letters, again using a different color in each circle.  I had no idea what to do next.

Stage 2:

A few days later, I decided to work back into the original shapes. l painted layers of words over the entire canvas, randomly choosing colors and orientation.

Stage 3:

Then I decided to cover all the words up, except for a few around the edges.  At this point I decided make a landscape, allowing some of the patterning of the words to show through.

Stage 4:

I felt the landscape needed to have more texture.  I tried adding a grid by dripping different colors of paint along each of the four sides.

Stage 5:

At this point I seemed to have lost the landscape.  What next?  When in doubt I use collage! I intuitively began matching up torn pieces of magazine pages (I have stacks of torn  papers sorted by  color).

Stage 6:

With layers of paint, I was able to integrate the painting with the collage pieces.  This is when the magic happened and the painting came to life!


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This last year my paintings have often taken me down winding roads, leading me into totally new creative places.  Many friends and colleauges who have seen my new work have said, “What are you doing here?  What am I looking at?”  At first I tried to verbally explain what went into these paintings: the various layers of words, grids, collage, and paint...But that seemed to create more questions, “How did you do that?  Why did you do that?”  I decided to walk readers through a step by step process of several paintings.  Though I have been avoiding Facebook, I regularly post on Instagram @dotprocter. 

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